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10 Ways to use your phone to earn Income on Internet


10 Ways to use your phone to earn Income on Internet



10 easy ways to earn money on Internet
You  earn money from 10 sources simultaneously on free platform with one Time registration of N2,000.

1. Post and Earn: You post, share, comment and earn money.
Post local news, street story, story of businesses in a street or town, post articles on your passion, hobbies and more. Invite other people and als get paid

2. Learn and Earn.You learn digital marketing and digital advertising and earn. You learn simple hyperlink, SEO and earn more. Also Use your link to invite other people and get paid.

3. Refer a friend and earn.
Use your unique referral link to refer other people to these 10 ways and earn money

4. Upload local photo and earn.  Use your mobile phone to snapshot and upload  photo or school,religion building, heritage , tourism cent Dr even tree , market place LAG building palace etc . You also earn when you invite other people .

5. Get Get cash back when you buy from shops and online: Buy your usual needs from local shops and get paid cash back. Buy for other people and get paid. Add shops and get paid.

6.  Add Business and Earn: Refer a business to participate in cash back loyalty and earn  endless income.

7. Refer advertiser  and Earn:
refer business to place display banner adverts and you earn with 30 days free trial.

8. Become Online administrator: Earn income as an online administrator

9. Review and earn: Review  products, you just bought or a friend bought, your favourite  businesses and brands and you earn.

10. Refer buyers to business and Earn:Refer customers to local businesses in your local communities and you earn. When you add a business in shop and you refer buyers, the buyer gets cash back as incentive and you also get commissions for adding the business

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After your registration you add your referral link to this e-mail and send to all your friends in whatsapp and e-mail and on Facebook
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Yours for success
Wale Adeleke
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