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FAQ about 9jasky and 9jasky get paid empowerment programs

What Does 9jasky Stands For?

9jasky is for both individuals and business owners. A news communication platform that empower individuals and business owners and their customers to make more money daily, weekly and monthly once you become an eligible member. You make money when you join and get the digital marketing training, when you make posts, add businesses, share post and business pages, refer people to 9jasky to obtain digital marketing and digital advertising course and  when you refer businesses to set business SEO pages on our partner site @ naijasky.com, when you refer people to  buy from businesses listed, when you add local pictures and street and town stories, when you  review products and business and your favorite brands. On 9jasky, everybody is a winner. And we continue to add more to empower you to make more money as an individual or a business owner. There are 10 major ways you can make money on 9jasky.com. Click here to read how you can join now

What Does 9jasky cash back Means?

9jasky cash Income Program. It’s the program through which premium members earn money when they buy from participated businesses listed, when members list the business and set up business SEO pages, and when member refer customers to the participating businesses. Buyers snapshot the receipt of purchase and upload it to the business SEO page. The business pays us commissions each time someone buys. The buyer receive 50% of the commissions, the member that get the business listed gets 20% from all sales commissions from the business and 30% is for 9jasky for administrative expenses. Click here to read how you can join now

Who Are Validated And Eligible Members?

Premium members are active users that have successfully registered for  9jasky income opportunity as member through the payment of subscription fee of N2,000 for registration fee and  for training services on digital marketing and digital advertising or get business SEO page  as a business owner. Click here to read how you can join now

What Does Content and Traffic Revenue-CTR

As a member, you earn income for contents and traffic your provide through your activities on 9jasky and for setting up business SEO page for business owners. You get the training. activities. CTR activities comprises of active daily login commission + commenting & contributing commission + sharing sponsored post commission, add business commission, share business contents business page bonus, review product bonus, buying from participating businesses commission, posting street and town stories commissions, uploading local photos commission.Click here to read how you can join now

What Is 9jasky APO?

APO means Affiliate Program. Opportunity . As an affiliate, you earn 50% per N1,000 per each referral. and per each business you add to a local community online and set up the business SEO page. Your referral is the person or business owner  that joins the program through you by signing up with your referral link. You earn N1,000 from their entry fee for training services or for setting up their business SEO page. All services on 9jasky is obtained at the same fee and is paid for by registration of N2,000. Click here to read how you can join now

Is Multiple Account Allowed?

No! There is no need for  Multiple account. Even if you have a business of your own, you can operate one account as an individual  and as a business owner simultaneously.

Can I Use One Email Address To Register and operate as an individual and as a business owner?

Yes. This is because your email helps you to reset your password when the need arises, hence; resetting and retrieving your password would be difficult if the registration of multiple accounts with one email is allowed. Click here to read how you can join now

Can I Register Multiple Account Using Another Bank Account?

NO. There is no need. You can make money with one account operating as an individual and as a business owners

*******What is Coupon Code or e-pin and  How Can I Get One?

Coupon code or e-pin or voucher is the new payment method for instant approval without delay. This is a combination of few alphabet in form of code that you need to  purchase from 9jasky Coupon code designated distributors and apply on registration page.  Check your dashboard if you are a registered member to see distributors list otherwise, you also can be a distributor in your community. Click here to read how you can use coupon code to register.

How Can I Make Payment And Which Payment Method Is Allowed?

Members make payment to register either using visa, verve mastercard of online banking system via Paystack or purchasing coupon code or e-pin or voucher from our distributors. You also can become our distributor after your registration .

I Don’t Have A Personal Bank Account, Can I Receive My Pay Through A Third Party Account?

It’s up to you, we will send your share earnings to the bank account you provided in your profile or when making a withdrawal.

How Do I Request For Payment, Withdraw or Cash Out My Earning?

Affiliate commissions are paid out in cash withing 24-48 hours when you have earned up to N5,000 and above in your wallet and request for withdrawal. You can as well use your wallet balance to pay bills or transfer to other member.

9jasky services/activities earning can be used for advertising on the website, you can also sell, transfer or escrow your  earnings to our advertisers for cash exchange. Otherwise you can always wait for 9jasky revenue share to be converted in wallet balance for cash payout when revenue is available. Click here to read how you can join now

Is There Any Hiding Fee / Payment?

No, when you activate your 9jasky account by payment a onetime fee of N2,000, you will NEVER AGAIN be asked to pay any other fees. Payment of N2,000 gives members unlimited access to digital marketing and digital advertising course, business SEO page set-up and to earn 50% N1,000 affiliate commission on all the services provided by 9jasky to businesses. You can also 25% adverts commission when you secure display banner adverts from business for 9jasky

How Can I Share Sponsored Post To Earn Commission?

From your dashboard menu, click on “Sponsored Post” then click on the link with post date that would appear to read instruction on how to share sponsored post.

How Can I Refer People To Earn Commission?

Once you have registered successfully, a unique referral link will automatically be generated for you. On your dashboard menu, click on ” Affiliate / Referral Links. From there you will see your referral link, copy it out and start using it to refer your friends and family.. You can use any of the services 9jasky provides to refer people and business owners. To obtain any service on 9jasky only registration of N2,000 is needed.

Is It A Must To Refer People Before I Get Paid?

YES! You can refer people to become a premium member to perform activities such as post, share sponsor link, comment,, you can also refer people to register for the digital training and digital advertising course for the same amount of N2,000. You can refer business to get business SEO page which is a form of advertising content marketing pages for businesses on our partner site @ naijasky.com. You can refer people to register and start to upload local pictures on their local communities online @ naijasky.com/naijatowns.

You can use any of the 10 major ways to make money on 9jasky to refer people as listed @ https://naijasky.com/naijasky-jv

I Referred Someone And My Account Wasn’t Credited With Referral Commission. Why?

This happens when the person you introduced to 9jasky is yet to make payment or refuses to use your referral link or referral username.

Your account won’t be credited unless your prospect registers with your referral link, make payment and get approved. Some people like disregarding the link given to them by going directly to the site without the use of their sponsor’s link. So, it’s advisable to shorten and hide your referral link to avoid loosing referrals unnecessarily. To shorten and hide your link, you can use either goo.gl or bit.ly. Also with the training you can learn to use hyperlink to cover your referral link.

Is It A Must To Share Post On Facebook?


Can I Share Other News On My Facebook Timeline After Posting The Normal Sponsored

Yes! feel free but no earning attached to it. We only pay for the assigned sponsored post daily.

How Can I Get My Referral Link?

From your dashboard, click on affiliate/referral link. Make sure you read details on the page carefully.

Can Someone Outside Nigeria Join 9jasky income and its Affiliate Program ?

We focus on Nigerian content and our very own local currency here. Foreigners getting involve might be difficult in terms of paying in and out. Any foreigner who can be able to pay in by making purchase of our digital marketing and digital advertising training course and cash out in Nigeria currency (Naira) are welcome to 9jasky Community. Foreigner can also register free on our partner site @ https://naijasky.com/register to enjoy free services available on the site.

What Is 9jasky services/ Product And How Are They Making Money?

Our products  are digital marketing and digital advertising training course and practical platform for it such as making post, content marketing articles, and set up business SEO pages for  business, business listing and directories and of course advertisement . Once you become a  membership premium , you have access to our services .. We earn money from all these services and  through our custom advertising system and partners. Through our members who promote these services and earn Affiliate commission, we are able to increase our revenue by earning 50% and pay 50% to affiliate who refer clients to 9jasky.

Click here to read how you can join now