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FREE Internet Franchise Opportunities-FIFO

Home-based, Low overhead cost,
FREE Internet Franchise Opportunities

INTRODUCTION:Description:With The FREE Internet Franchise Opportunities: FIFO you have the pride of owning your own business providing a high-quality, low-cost advertising tool for local businesses, and a great monthly online and even offline publication for your community, town, city or local council.

Opportunities: Free Internet Franchise Opportunities available throughout all Towns and local councils in all states nationwide in Nigeria. Are you looking to make a great income, while having the flexibility of owning your own home-based business, and do you have an interest in sales or publishing? If so, then Free Internet Franchise Opportunities is for you!

The FREE Internet Franchise Opportunities ® is a free,  interactive, incentive-based monthly online publication available FREE in any town or local council nationwide in Nigeria helping small local businesses to attract and get more customers and clients using online reviews and review cards. Small local businesses such as: offices, shops, supermarkets, Restaurants, boutiques, hotels, car dealers, boutiques, shopping complex, Pharmacy shops, doctors’/dentists’ offices, car washes/dealerships, karate/dance studios, beauty salons, schools, fashion and anywhere products and services are provided for the public).

As a Franchisee you get an exclusive distribution territory and sell advertising to local small and mid-sized businesses to generate income and profits. We provide you the platform, graphic design, and full support and coaching training. Any business that advertises with you for the first time get 60 days free adverts on NaijaSky.com on its customers target. With the Free Internet Franchise Opportunities you have the pride of owning your own business helping local businesses to attract more customers and also providing a high-quality, low-cost advertising tool for local businesses, and a great online publication for your community, town or council.The Internet Franchise can help you achieve many of your personal goals.

We give you the freedom to run your own enterprise, but with a supportive community of people doing the same thing, a proven business model and a trademarked name. Come join The Free Internet Franchise team today! Internet Franchise Newsletter Publications and Online Home-based business “A home-based franchise that allows you the freedom to jump into the world of entrepreneurship in such a way that you will not be sacrificing one half of your life in order to succeed in the other.More and more people are choosing to work from home for a variety of reasons, including the need for flexibility, to get a better work/life balance, low overhead and running costs, and no commute to work.

The Internet Franchise is 100% home-based.The concept was developed by a group of people who wanted to earn a great income while having the flexibility of being their own boss, spending time with their families and experiencing the pride of business ownership.Low start-up costs: The hardest part about getting into business is the start-up capital that you need… But, the truly ingenious business ideas are the ones that allow for low start-up costs and high potential income.

”The Internet franchise is fee and start-up is an advantage over many franchise opportunities and could easily be financed as opposed to obtaining a bank or small business loan. Most of our Free Internet franchisees experience a positive cash flow from the start and your initial investment is typically covered in a matter of months.

Low overheadUsually the key to being financially healthy is to stay as lean as you possibly can. The idea is to keep those recurring monthly expenses down as low as you possibly can! ”The Free Internet Franchise Opportunities is a home-based business without high fixed expenses. There are no monthly lease fees, utility costs or other high costs that come with leasing space. There are no inventory costs and no employees to be paid. Most people already have a phone and a computer so no additional expenses are necessary.

Recession-proof business: The Free Internet Franchise Opportunities can thrive during worst economies. There is ALWAYS a need for cost effective advertising.

Great income: The FREE Internet Franchise can be profitable from the start. Whether you choose to publish one edition (part-time) or four editions you can earn the executive income you desire.

Full support and training
The Free Internet Franchise Team will take you through full “boot camp” coaching training to get you prepared for all aspects of your new business. A comprehensive operations video, designed as a self-teaching tool covering your business operations from start to finish, will be provided to you. You will also receive ongoing support on a daily basis as well as a “franchisee only” Intranet to communicate with other franchisees about your business and to share experiences.

For detail on how to start, register FREE @ http://naijasky.com/register and send your username on the forum, your town and  local council name and state name by SMS or Whatsapp to Wale on 08033181698 or to naijatowns@yahoo.com

How You earn Money

1. You help small local businesses to attract more customers using online review and review cards. You provide review card and small postal to businesses. Materials will be made available.

2. You provide online reviews pages to businesses, training tips will be given.

3. Provide FREE listing and charge for bold listing as low as N500,
4. Low cost display banner internet adverts as low as N1,000 per month
Review pages and review card design N2,000. Printing of the cards is at your own discretion and profits.

The Internet Franchise Opportunities coaching training FREE and registration is a one time fee of N2,000 only. You earn 65% income just like uber and google partners. In additional your earn referral commissions when you refer other people to join the FREE Internet Franchise Opportunities-FIFO.

HOW TO START1. Register FREE @ https://naijasky.com/register
2. Pay N2,000 training coaching.FAST START: For fast start make your payment now @ https://9jasky.com/checkout through paystack portal or sms/whatapp me on 08033181698 to make transfer to the bank.

ThanksWale AdelekeCEO and Co-founder Naijasky.com08033181698