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Get Paid To Advertise  Your Business Free Online


Get Paid To Advertise  Your Business Free Online

Advertise your business free and get paid.  When your register on 9jasky.com, we advertise your business with text adverts and SEO meta key words and meta key description related to your business, products and services so that customers will start to reach out to you and even come to your physical store if you are a local business owners.Get Paid To advertise
Why we should advertise for you
1. We create Business Advert Page -BAP on a platform that is ranking on top first page og google search founded in 2012 so your business can easily be found on google.
2.Your business adverts page is integrated with Facebook button so that your business info can easily be share to face book groups and wall.
3. Also your business adverts page is embedded with customer feedback/comment/request button and you can respond.
4. You earn extra N1,000 0per each business you refer with your referral link who who advertise.
5. We send you customers and you start to pay us commission  when people buy after 90 day of your registration. You determine the commission you pay us.
Register now at 9jasky.com/checkout
you want to learn more go to naijasky.com/naijasky-jv
When we advertise your business FREE and you refer other business, you will be paid N1,000 per business you refer.
So don’t delay, register now on 9jasky.com and get your business advertisement free.
Registration fee is N2,000 and you get 50% bonus per business you refer.

There is also spaces for different sizes of banner adverts and you earn 25% of banner adverts your refer.
When you register, your get a unique referral link that you can use with text to refer other businesses to advertise FREE.
Register now Here, registration is N2,000 and you get paid N1000 per each business you refer

9jasky.com/naijasky JV team



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