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Get Paid N1,000 To Post Comments On Blogs

If you looking for some ‘meaningful’ ways to make money online, try this. Get paid to post comments on blog websites. You can earn several thousands of money with this program and it’s satisfying and inspiring. I’ve never seen it offered in the same way as this anywhere else. Perfect for you if:

If you are a student and you need extra cash
You are a job seeker and you to earn some extra thousand monthly. As a job seeker, you can be earning 100k monthly with some of our get paid programs. These are get paid to add a business, get paid to post and share, get paid to advertise your business, get paid to take pictures and others such as learn and earn.
You want to improve writing skills and receive online success tips on a daily basis.
You like interacting with blog authors by leaving comments.

Get Paid To Post Comments On Blogs
Website Comments and SEO
9jasky offers this opportunity with its sister Site at naijasky.com. But before talking about “Get Paid To Post Comments”, let me tell you how important to receive visitor comments on your webpages. The number of quality comments indicates how engaging your page is – your blog post is interesting enough for your visitors to react by leaving a comment. Your ranking improves as you receive a number of quality comments. A ‘quality’ comment should be a comment that’s authentic and meaningful. Not one-liner such as “Great po, st, thank you!”

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Get paid handsomely as a Certified Commenter

Blog Moderator is free to approve or disapprove your comment. If you leave a comment that’s unrelated to the post, or has no or low quality, it will likely to be disapproved.

You can make comment on topics of your interest or your hobbies or your passion etc. Obviously you need to read the post to be able to write your comment.  Make sure to make comment on post topics that are interesting to you.

You can skip as often as you like and move to the next page until you see an interesting blog comes up.
No need to worry about having to comment on an unfamiliar topic to you. Because can set your niche preference like the example below. You are not expected to make comment on a topic that you’re not interested in.

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How Much Does It Pay?

You earn N5 minimum per comment. The more comment you write, the more you are paid It may not sound much, but the most interesting part which is the bread and butter of comment is that you earn N1,000 per each person you refer who register to make comment. And you are expected to make a minimum of 10 comments per day for a minimum of  20 days.

To be a little more precise, each time you leave a comment on any topic, you’ll receive one credit.

The more comment you write the more you earn. You earn N2 for 10-20 comments in a month. N3 for 21 to 50 comments, N4 for 51 to 100 comment and N5 for comments above 100. 500 comment and above you earn N10.

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