Home Business Join Cashback Loyalty Reward and make N45k Monthly.

Join Cashback Loyalty Reward and make N45k Monthly.


Join Cashback Loyalty Reward and make N45k Monthly.




We have 2 types of members
1. Free Basic member whereby you earn 40% CV cashback on all your purchases and 10%CV on all purchases from shops you add.
2. Premium Gold Members whereby in addition to earning 40% cashback on all your purchases and  10% on all purchases fron shops you add, you also earn N400 referring other people to your webpage to join , N50 per post and share on your community online, N50 per review products/business, N50 per comment and N50 per local pictures upload on your community online.

What is Cashback Loyalty Reward.



Cashback loyalty reward means you get cashback from all your purchases . Simply visit your favourite shops in your communities or online and buy what you need and you earn cashback from us.
Buy, collect and snapshot the receipt and upload it to the business page and you will be paid.

How cashback works
We promote interested businesses free that pays us commissions from sales and we share the commissions with the buyers who buy.
To join Cashback Loyalty Reward, sign up now @ https://9jasky.com/checkout/
After free registration, you can upgrade to  gold member and get your own webpage similar to this page you are reading but containing your referral link.

To be able to upload your receipt and add business to your communities, register FREE @ https://naijasky.com/register
In addition to earning 40% of commission volume- CV and 10% CV of all businesses you add; A Gold member earn N400 per each person refer.
N50 per post,  N50 per review, N50 per local picture upload, N50 per comment of not less than 50 words.
Upgrade  fee to a gold premium member is N2,000.
If there is no participating businesses in your area yet, you are very lucky, you earn extra 10% on all purchases from the  businesses you add to you communities .



How to contact business owners
Tell the business owner that you belong to Customer loyalty rewards and you promote businesses free and send customers to businesses and the business only pays commissions when people buy. And the business determines the commission to pay.
Then take snapshot of the front of the business and upload it to your community.  Use the business name as subject and add the name, address and type of business and pictures to the message, include the percentage the business wants to pay and submit . We then develop the business page for the business .
When you register, you have flyers and letter you can give businesses in your area and you also get flyers you can distribute to send people to the businesses page and flyers to invite people to join on your website.

Click your state below and click register as shown on the image below



Abia-state: https://naijasky.com/abia-state

Adamawa-state: https://naijasky.com/adamawa-state

Akwa-ibom-state   https://naijasky.com/akwa-ibom-state

Anambra-state    https://naijasky.com/anambra-state

Bauchi-state https://naijasky.com/bauchi-state

Benue-state https://naijasky.com/benue-state

Borno-state :  https://naijasky.com/borno-state

Cross-river-state : https://naijasky.com/cross-river-state

Delta-state: https://naijasky.com/delta-state

Ebonyi-state: https://naijasky.com/ebonyi-state

Edo-state: https://naijasky.com/edo-state

Ekiti-state: https://naijasky.com/ekiti-state

Enugu-state: https://naijasky.com/enugu-state

Federal-capital-territory: https://naijasky.com/federal-capital-territory

Gombe-state: https://naijasky.com/gombe-state

Imo-state: https://naijasky.com/imo-state

Jigawa-state: https://naijasky.com/jigawa-state

Kaduna-state: https://naijasky.com/kaduna-state

Kano-state: https://naijasky.com/kano-state

Katsina-state: https://naijasky.com/katsina-state

Kebbi-state: https://naijasky.com/kebbi-state

Kogi-state: https://naijasky.com/kogi-state

Kwara-state: https://naijasky.com/kwara-state

Lagos-state: https://naijasky.com/lagos-state

Nasarawa-state: https://naijasky.com/nasarawa-state

Niger-state: https://naijasky.com/niger-state

Ogun-state: https://naijasky.com/ogun-state

Ondo-state: https://naijasky.com/ondo-state

Osun-state: https://naijasky.com/osun-state

Oyo-state: https://naijasky.com/oyo-state

Plateau-state: https://naijasky.com/plateau-state

Rivers-state: https://naijasky.com/rivers-state

Sokoto-state: https://naijasky.com/sokoto-state

Taraba-state: https://naijasky.com/taraba-state

Yobe-state: https://naijasky.com/yobe-state

Zamfara-state: https://naijasky.com/zamfara-state

Dr. Wale Adeleke
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