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Get Paid To Learn Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising*

You earn in 3 simple steps

Step 1.Register,

Step2. Learn and

Step 3. Get Paid.

Digital advertising Training course worths N20,000 but  is N2,000 only and you also earn N1,000 per person that you refer with your referral link to learn digital marketing. Register now @ 9jasky.com/checkout/ Learn more at naijasky.com/naijasky-jv
Earn while your learn on 9jasky, read and make money on 9jasky.

What are you really learning and how much can your earn

You learn practical skills to make money helping other businesses to make sales
You learn digital marketing and digital advertising and earn. You learn simple hyperlink, SEO and earn more.
Tour about social media promotion and advertising such as Facebook advertising
You learn about contents marketing
You learn about advertising on Google adword. with adverts on google adword, adverts appear on thousand of website .
You learn inserting images, you learn about banner adverts.
You learn how to boost your posts on Facebook.
You learn how to make money as an administrator of local communities online
You learn Facebook group and Facebook fanpage usefulness.

Your earn N1,000 on everyone you refer who register and learn.