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Earn N100,000 Monthly Helping Small Businesses To Attract More customers with Internet and Facebook

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To join  and make N100K monthly helping small businesses to attract more customers with Internet and Facebook, continue to read below:
Join Your Local Communities Online and  EARN N100,000 Monthly Helping Small Businesses To Attract More customers with Internet and Facebook.

Good day,
My name is Dr. Wale Adeleke and i want to invite you to participate on this innovative program for share of the profits . You earn money helping small businesses in your Local Communities to attract more customers with internet and Facebook.You get the digital advertising training tips. You also earn money inviting other people to join, get the digital advertising training and helping small business to attract more customers.

Are you unemployed and you need a job?

or are you employed or a student and you need extra income?
or are you a small business owner or a local business owner  and you need more customers and increase sales
or you are a small and medium business or corporate organization and your need to project your brands on the minds of millions of people nationwide? Local communities online is for you.
How You Make N100k Monthly from your Local Communities Online.
3 Simple steps to earn money are
Step 1: Register with Local Communities Online free @ https://naijasky.com/register/ and upgrade to get the digital training tips from member dashboard @ https://9jasky.com/checkout/
Step 2: Use our innovative strategy for let other people join your local communities and to reach small business promotion.
Step 3: Make 50% Income and Get Paid.
Services we offer are:
1. Help small Businesses to attract more customers with Internet and Facebook:  Add businesses to your local communities and we set up adverts business page and 300 by 250 display banner for  the small businesses and you earn N1k per business. Add one business per day and you earn N30,000 per month.
You also earn 10% cash back on all businesses you add from all products sold when the business join our cashback customers loyalty program. Reach the business with your referral link or use offline flyer. Add all the local shops in your area. Simply snapshot the pictures of local shops. See examples at https://naijasky.com/ifako/
2. Refer other people with your link or flyer to join your local communities online you earn N1,000 and attract one person per day for 30 days, you earn N30,000. Invite other people to join your local communities and help small business to attract more customers.
3. Other people can also join through your link to get our digital advertising training course alone and you earn N1000. Attract one person per day and you earn N30,000 per month. Some people may be interested in our digital training course alone.
4..  You can also refer business for display banner adverts through your link, you earn N1,000. Attract 30 business per day for 30 days and you earn N30,000 plus 25% ads commission.
Business owner , advertise with us and if you are satisfied with our services then refer others and get paid 50% . See our adverts rates Here

Total Income You Earn in a Month:  N30k+N30K+N30k+N30K=N120k
You can achieve N120K monthly income with your link online  or offline with flyers  to local shops, stores and businesses and you can also get people who can do it for your free with flyers offline. Make Copies of the flyer with your link, give to people to give local business and when they join free with you, you share your Income of N1,000 with them so that when one person brings in 5 businesses, he can register with your link. You get the full details on your dashboard when you register.
REGISTER NOW! Registration and Training is N2,000 @ https://9jasky.com/checkout
additional sources of income you earn money are:
Post on your local communities, add your own link and banner, share to facebook groups and get paid N75 per post and people join with your link and you also earn N1,000.
Make Comment  on over 40,000 articles on Naijasky.com/categories and on your local communities online and get paid N50
Share post and get paid N50
Upload local picture on your local Communities Online and get paid N75
Review products you buy on your local communities online  and get paid N50. Post the review just like making post. Add the name of the product as subject and write your review, add picture if any and post.
Post what your like most about your favourite car brands  @ https://naijatowns.com/yourcar/
You earn cash back on all the products you buy from participating businesses on our cashback customers loyalty program.
Join your local communities online FREE now at https://naijasky.com/register and upgrade with registration and training fee N2,000 @ https://9jasky.com/checkout

We have an innovation, a unique strategy that works effectively so that you can earn income.
When you join, you get the following:
1. You get your referral link where people can join for N2,000 and participate and business owner can also join and get promotion for the business ( Adverts business page plus 300 by 250 display banner for the business for 12 months)
2. You also get a webpage similar to this page you are reading where people and business owners can know about it through your link online and through your flyers offline (If you want to use flyers, you get short URL address for your this webpage containing your referral link that you can insert on your flyers.)
3. You get a display banner code( copy and paste) that you can paste at the end of all the posts that you make that will link to your own page similar to this page. This will help you to get more people to join your communities and business owner to join through you and you earn N1,000 automatically. The more articles you post and share to facebook groups, the more people that will read your articles and the greater the number of people and business owners that will see your banner and join and you make money.
4. You get information from member dashboard how to reach small business both offline by flyers and online through posting articles, local news, making comment and upload pictures .
5. You banner contains info about all the services you earn money . Therefore anyone that is interested in any of the 4 Ways will click the banner which links to your own web page similar to this page that you are reading.
Your web page is embedded and linked with your referral link and when anyone clicks, he will register with you and you earn money.
You can make as many posts on any interesting topics that people will read, then share your posts to Facebook and WhatsApp groups, etc.
People come to your post and read your helpful articles and see your banner at the end or top or middle of your post and then click to read more on your webpage similar to this page and click your link to join and you get paid.
Your page is also embedded with keywords so that people can find your page on google search.
Share your page to Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups.
You can also use flyers to invite people to join your local communities online. Flyers are on member dashboard.
People can also do it for you free offline with flyers.
Besides, you can print out flyers and give to people directly in your area about the benefits of Local Communities online.
You can also recruit people to give out/distribute the flyers for you and tell them they earn N1,000 after first 2 or 3 or 5 (as you prefer)people that register with them or businesses that get the business page set up. You get more tips when you register on how people can help you free.
Join your local communities FREE @ https://naijasky.com/register
Activate your registration for the training with N2,000 @ https://9jasky.com/checkout
You can make payment online or to the bank and get activation code to use for your registration.
Local Communities Online Team

SUMMARY 3 Simple Steps To Make N100K Monthly on your Local Communities Online
1.Join your Local Communities  FREE @ https://naijasky.com/register and activate to premium member @ https://9jasky.com/checkout/
2. Use the simple strategy to earn money
3. Earn Money and get paid
Join your local communities NOW FREE @ https://naijasky.com/register
Activate Your  Registration/Training FEE = N2,000 @ https://9jasky.com/checkout/
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Yours For Success
Local Communities Online Team