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Affiliate Partner Products Package


Discover how to sell fast on social media, how to write and self-publishing books, ebooks, manual, directories, etc


Get these two products below plus the fabulous free bonuses for $10(N5,000 ) and you start to participate in our 3 tiers affiliate partnership program.

How You Earn Income in Our 3 tiers Affiliate Partnership Program

On your first level: As a partner, you will receive 30% from maximum 10 members each 30x5000x10=N1500X10=N15,000( if you have more than 10 members that become partners through your website page, they flow to your second level partners but your also earn rewards.

On your second level:  As a Partner, you will be with a whatsapp group of 10 new partners  and you get 20% rewards from 10 new partners from each of your 10 first level partners; You earn 20% reward from 100 partners: 20%x5000x100=N100,000

On your third level: As a partner, you will earn from 100 groups of 10 new partners each and you get 10% bonus from 1000 members   10% x N5000 x 1000=N500,000.

You  earn 30%+20%+10% =60% income as referral commissions bonuses in 3 levels. After this you can start again or upgrade to our social media Diamond which is N10,000 for the products package and has 10 levels where your earn 75.6% partnership rewards.

Affiliate Partnership Information products package

After payment of the sum of N5,000, you get the following products package.

Note that you can get the products package without participating in the partnership program.

If you only want to get the products alone, simply click BACK BUTTON on your browser to the page you come from, join the group, make your payment of N5,000 and these products will be sent to you. Remember to mention the name of the person on the page so that he can earn direct commissions when you order.

Our Products package are powerful ebooks that are of great important to everyone plus equally 10 powerful bonuses. We also have in stock paper book which is not part of our partnership program dues to courier delivery expenses which are more than the cost of the product.

If you want to know more about each product, you can click the image to read.

1. How To Sell Products and Services on Internet  Successfully pdf


2. How To Make Money Writing and self-Publishing Books, ebooks, manual directory etc        

10 Powerful FREE Bonuses worth over $100

1.Step-By-Step Guide On How To Sell on Facebook.pdf

2.The Smart Way To Sell on Instagram.pdf

3.Step-by-Step Guide On How To Sell On Amazon.pdf

4.Step-By-Step Beginner Guide on How to Sell on eBay.pdf

5.How to Use WhatsApp for Business.pdf


6.Guide On How to Use Quora to Sell Products on Internet.pdf

7.Guide on How To Use Reddit Marketing For Your Business.pdf

8.How To Explode Ecommerce sales By Selling on Pinterest.pdf

9.How To Make Money on YouTube.pdF

10.Step-by-Step Guide on How To Sell On Etsy.pdf