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How To Attract More Customers with Online Reviews and Review Cards

With so many potential and current customers seeking out information about a product or a company’s strengths and weaknesses, it is important to know how to use Free generated reviews to your business advantage.

Online reviews are one of the most important and effective digital marketing techniques in your company’s toolbox.

Those who come across your company seek out up-to-date, unbiased independent information about what it’s like to use your product or do business with your company. Existing customers offer a source of value that prospective customers seek — unbiased and realistic information about your business. But how does that influence the behavior of potential customers?

28% of all customers read reviews while the other 28% are willing to write them — that is regardless of product, industry or customer type.

Aside from listening and sharing, we are also judgmental.

Over 50% of consumers judge businesses based on reviews and others’ experiences. They do it before or without ever reading further into the company.

People seek out reviews every single day.

Over 60% of people actively search for reviews online. This number is even higher in the hospitality industry — people prefer to read reviews before they visit a restaurant, hotel or attraction or buy a product/service.

At the very least, reviews add credibility to a brand. Most of the time, this type of credibility is difficult to establish without a stream of authentic feedback and reviews. This is where a review gathering or “fishing” strategy becomes important. Here’s why you might want to implement.Asking for reviews is relationship-building and shows trust. Essentially, you’re telling customers “I trust you to speak your mind and say whatever you want about me”. Regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

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How We Help Business To Attract More Customers with Reviews and Reviews Cards

We create Business Reviews Page for your business and design customized Review Cards for your business.

A.1. We  create a business review page for your business. You can add information, updates, photo and chat with customers and use as reviews page.
2. You are in total control of your business review page and you can send private message to customers and customers can also send private message to you.
3. On your business page, we include review button that people can click and write review. We also include reply/feedback button. Private information message button is included and you can send message to reviewers.4. We also include Share buttons for Facebook and twitter.5. You can short address for your business review page.

B1. We create review cards for your business so that customers can write reviews on your business and share .
2. Your Review cars contains your business name and link for your business page.
3. You give your business review cards to your customers free.4. When customers visit your business review page and write reviews and share to social media, the customers are indirectly adverting your business. Imagine you give 100 customers reviews cards and each has 100 friends on Facebook, that mean 100 x 100 people=10,000  free adverts for your business.5. We design your review card fr you and you can print copies out. We can also print and send to you.

BONUSES: 1.Bold listing top pin of your business on listing page and on business directory
2. 100 FREE review cards of your business3. FREE sharing of your Business review page to Facebook group.We have created over 45,000 business pages that will be converted to review business page.
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Registration and set up FEE:
One time set up fee for subscription, registration and design of your review card is N2,000/annual,  you get your business review page and Review card customized  in your business name plus short url link to your business review page that is easy for customers to remember.

This is a one time set up fee.
Refer 3 business to us and get 30 days display banner adverts Free.

How To Start
1. Register free @ https://naijasky.com/register
2. After registration, login and upload your details business information Here ( or https://naijatown/reviewform/ )

3 Make your payment of N2,000 subscription one-time set fee at https://9jasky.com/checkout (make payment through paystack] or make transfer to the bank:1. GTBANK : 0118082100
2. or Access Bank A/C No:0032137637
Name: Adeleke Isaac Adewale
Let me know the bank that is vailable ifthe above banks not in your area.After payment send your payment detail by whatsapp or sms to me on 08033181698 or upload it at same link above https://naijatowns.com/reviewform

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Yours for Success
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